Getting a business exit-ready: Maximise your multiple with sales-led marketing

For CEOs steering businesses with a turnover of between £5-25 million towards an acquisition or investment, the spotlight often falls on the sales and marketing function’s ability to autonomously drive new revenues - this is always a crucial factor in exit readiness.

At the heart of this exit readiness lies an expectation – one that finds sales and marketing not as just an operational function but a vital strategic driver of growth and value creation.

The impact of sales-led marketing on exit readiness

Why does this matter in the context of exit readiness? The answer lies in the ability to  confidently demonstrate  a proven recipe for growth, showcasing short, medium, and long-term sales pipeline projections, and above all, exhibiting a profound understanding of the market. This clarity bolsters revenue forecasts and positions your business as a thriving entity primed for the next stage – a direct impact on a higher exit multiple.

The sales-led marketing approach: Worth it, if you want a more valuable exit

Sales-led marketing removes the awkwardness between marketing and sales teams. It's an approach that continuously generates ready-to-close sales leads for your business development team.

Want to know how to implement this approach? Well, it goes beyond the scope of this article to detail every step, but at its core, to implement a successful sales-led marketing strategy you need to:

  1. Align Sales and Marketing Objectives: Begin by ensuring that both your sales and marketing teams have aligned goals. This togetherness is crucial for ensuring that marketing efforts are directly contributing to sales objectives.
  2. Focus on High-Value Activities: Spend the most time on marketing activities that directly contribute to generating high-quality leads and sales.
  3. Build an Unbeatable Online Presence: Having a robust online presence is non-negotiable. This involves having an industry-leading website, optimised for conversion and showcasing powerful value propositions, success stories, and providing easy ways for people to engage with your sales team.
  4. Create Content That Converts: Content marketing continually attracts and nurtures leads. Create valuable, insightful content that addresses the pain points and questions your prospects have at each stage of their decision-making process, from awareness to consideration to decision.
  5. Harness Technology and Automation: Marketing automation streamlines your marketing efforts and provides your sales team with the information they need to close deals more effectively.
  6. Continuously Measure and Optimise: Sales-led marketing is not a set-it-and-forget-it strategy. Continuous analysis and alignment with your overall business KPIs is essential to maximise ROI.

If you want to find out more about how to implement sales-led marketing effectively, engaging with a partner experienced in sales-led marketing can be invaluable. They can provide the expertise and support needed to transform your sales and marketing functions into a cohesive engine driving your business towards a successful exit.

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